You Can’t Run Government Like a “Great American Company”…. but what can be done also applies to GovCon….

In his recent Government Executive article, John Lowe discusses why the Government can’t be run like a great American company.    He begins his thought-provoking article by emphasizing the inherent differences in mission objectives and operations between the two.  But what really stirs the mind are the strategies that the Government could and should leverage from institutions and companies in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  Strategies that have been successfully proven to increase operational efficiency.

Taking the thought a step further, these same winning strategies could also be leveraged by those of us in the Government Contracting Community as well.  Strategies like the following:

  1.  Leverage Best-in-Breed Thinking to Solve Difficult Problems (How are your peers and competitors solving similar problems?)
  2.  Adopt New Business Models and Technology Where Possible (What technologies or methods provide the biggest performance gains? SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Agile methods?)
  3. Employ Leading Practices in Operations (What are your peers and competitors tracking against?
  4. Enforce Core Values of Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency (Establish KPI’s to monitor what you do and how you are performing)

To read the full article (see link):

You Can’t Run Government Like a “Great American Company”

To learn more, either respond directly to this post or email for more information.


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